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Sending Invitations


Sharing and invitations are two of the most important aspects of event promotion and, as such, we make them both super easy to do. That way, you can quickly invite the right people and share your event with other platforms to help spread the word.

How To Send Invites

Every event comes with an "Invite" button right next to "Register". If you click this button, a modal will appear that lets you send invites via the following:

  • Myhub Followers
  • Your Gmail contacts
  • Specific email addresses
  • Or, copy and paste from a spreadsheet

We recently added Select All to your list of Myhub Followers to make it quick and easy to reach your audience on Myhub. When you invite a Myhub user, they'll get an email (or push) notification and then your event invitation will show up in their notifications on the app as well.

When you're done, you can review your invitations in the Invited tab and then click Send Invites to finish.

Sharing Your Event

Sharing is another key method of promoting your event and, again, Myhub makes it incredibly easy to spread the word.

For starters, you can always copy / paste your event URL (ie: www.myhubapp.com/event/your-event-title) and use that to market your event on other platforms or via an email newsletter. That URL will always resolve to your event page and it's one of the best methods of sharing your event. In fact, it'll automatically build a rich post for you when it's shared on social networks!

As an alternative, every event comes with traditional sharing buttons that anyone can use to share your event with Facebook, Twitter, your Calendar, or Email.