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Introducing External URLs


A couple of the more popular questions we've heard from users is whether Myhub handles ticketing and whether Myhub integrates with other platforms. Today, we're excited to announce that you can now link your Myhub events to 3rd party ticketing websites. This way, visitors will be taken directly to whatever website you enter, when they click on your event.

Why External URLs

External URLs are an important step forward for Myhub because they symbolize our desire to be an open platform that works well with other platforms. After all, the web can be a complicated place and, above all else, we want to provide flexibility for our users. That way, you can take advantage of the tools you either prefer or are required to use for certain events.

Here are a couple use cases for External URLs:
  • Myhub may not have all the functionality you need for an event
  • You might locked into a ticketing partnership with another platform
  • You may want to promote an event on another platform
  • You don't want to accept RSVPs across multiple platforms

How It Works

Using External URLs is very easy. Next time, you create a Myhub event, simply toggle over to the URL tab when you're on the pricing screen. There, you'll be prompted to enter the desired URL. When you're finished simply post your event and you're all set.

Events that are linked to another platform will indicate such at the top right of the event card. Then, when a visitor clicks on the event, they'll be taken directly to that webpage.

As the organizer, you'll still have access to the Myhub event page so you can edit the details of your event (or perhaps the external URL) at anytime.

And that's it! Give us a shout if you have any questions and we hope you find the new feature beneficial.