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Introducing Event Comments


Comments is a unique aspect of Myhub that's important to the event experience. From day one, we set out to differentiate Myhub as a social event platform where folks could chat, post updates, and share photos surrounding their events with less clutter. In fact, that's a big reason why we put comments in the main area of every event page.

What Are Comments For

At this point, we've had thousands of event comments posted on Myhub as they often play a key role in communication between organizers and guests.

When someone posts a comment, everyone that's joined the event will get a notification. It's perfect for posting questions, an update, or a link for everyone in the group. Then folks can 'like' a comment which'll send the other user a notification (more about that here. If things get out of hand, the host can delete a comment at anytime.

Moving forward, we see Comments as a big area of expansion for Myhub with emojis, @usernames, photos, and rich URLs - all on our road map. Let us know your thoughts / suggestions for Comments when you get a chance.