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Introducing Collections


We're excited to introduce Collections because they pack so much power into the Myhub experience for individual users, businesses, and our platform as a whole.

What Are Collections

Collections are very similar to hashtags on social networks. At Myhub, Collections are used to group similar events together. Because of this, Collections are a great way to curate content and we'll grant early-adopters some administrative freedom over the creative they want to use for their Collections.

What Are They For

Collections are a perfect way to group a series of events surrounding a Conference or group a series of demo days for an individual brand. Using a Collection, visitors can quickly browse a specific series of upcoming events, view event details, and RSVP or register for an event.

Adding To A Collection

When creating an event, simply click 'Advanced Options' then type in the Collection you'd like to submit your event to. If you type in a Collection that doesn't exist, you can create a new Collection.

When creating a new Collection, you'll have first dibs on adding an image and description for that Collection. After that, you'll have to contact our team to make edits.

Finally, you can add your event to multiple Collections to increase visibility and then edit which Collections you're a part of - at anytime.

We hope you enjoy using Collections as much as we do. They're a powerful tool and a lot to fun when used properly. As always, ping us if you have any questions!