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Introducing Analytics


As an organizer, it's important to grasp what's happening with your events, quickly analyze what’s working, and make changes on the fly. No matter the size and purpose of your event, every organizer needs to know the basics surrounding their web traffic, guest list, transactions, and customer service. Organizers also need to be able to update details on the fly among other things.

Until now, Myhub organizers have had to dig around their event page, emails, notifications, and guest list in order to uncover this information. We had a basic admin in place but it wasn't a great experience.

Moving forward, we've updated your event admin to provide a broad, statistical overview of your event alongside all your management tools. This way, you can quickly grasp what's working and update details anytime. Even better, it's mobile-friendly so you can do this on the go from your mobile device.

The new admin is more than a basic update because it opens up a brand-new canvas where we can place future event management tools. In fact, we’re already working on a couple of new tools that’ll make their way into the admin such as “Sending Reminders" and "Creating Similar Events." Both of those are still in the pipeline though so more on them later.

The new admin is live on the website and is available exclusively to organizers. Next time you plan an event, simply click the 'admin' bar at the top to expand your admin. When you get a sec, send us your thoughts and any ideas you may have to improve the experience. Cheers!